You need an on-demand emergency response service platform. Here’s why.

by | Apr 11

4 min read

The on-demand economy has exploded over the last decade, providing unprecedented convenience to consumers while revolutionizing commercial and societal behaviour in cities around the world. 


As consumers, the on-demand economy fulfills our needs by providing immediate access to goods and services, often with improved service delivery. Once Uber made us comfortable with the concept of ordering a taxi on demand while enjoying the convenience of not placing an order in advance or not waiting around for a taxi to be available – it seems as if every month a new need is being fulfilled on-demand. 


In the time it takes you to read this post, I can open one of my many grocery apps, place an order for some dog food or toothpaste (and my regular chocolate bar), and have it delivered to me in the promised 15 minutes. 


We now have access within minutes to high quality on-demand grocery, dating, transportation, food delivery, business services, education, parking and pet-care, amongst others, serving many of our needs as consumers. Until recently, one glaring human need was not fulfilled through an on-demand service – our basic need for safety.


When was the last time you felt unsafe? While the data varies across cities globally, citizens are increasingly concerned for their personal safety. While there are many causes of this, gender-based violence, growing crime rates, and medical emergencies are often mentioned as the key causes. It is an unfortunate fact that no matter where you are in the world, emergencies will occur. Are you prepared for it?


When emergencies do occur, time is of the essence. It is well documented that responder time of arrival is the single most important factor in emergencies; whether to counter a potential threat to prevent a crime, provide medical treatment to save a life or to provide protection to a victim. The actions taken in the initial minutes of an emergency are critical. 


You can now activate on-demand emergency response to dispatch the closest vetted private security or medical response unit to your exact location, anywhere, anytime. AURA is an on-demand service that provides access to a large decentralised network of emergency responders to ensure that you receive a response within minutes. 


The faster you alert service providers to your emergency, the better. Guidance on emergency preparation has always been to remain calm, contact the national police, national ambulance or other service providers, and to clearly communicate your location, personal information and details of the incident. 


Once the emergency has been reported, it has traditionally been allocated to an available emergency response resource. The fragmented and decentralised nature of the emergency response industry \– with multiple service providers; national police, national ambulance and private security and medical providers – has resulted in inefficient distribution and application, and unfortunately, longer response times. 


An on-demand emergency response platform provides consumers all of the benefits and conveniences of the on-demand boom referred to earlier – for your most basic human need, safety. 


AURA enables you to simply activate the service using a variety of technologies (e.g., pressing a button on your smartphone or wearable) and requires no further action from you. It automatically collects and shares your personal information and GPS location. 


This feature is not new. Many safety apps provide this feature and it is now built into most smartphones. However, these are not linked to emergency response services. 


AURA has built the largest network of emergency response service providers and equipped each resource with technology. This technology removes any inefficiencies and ensures that the closest available resource to you receives your information and GPS location, and is dispatched to help you. The result of this is significantly reduced response times – when you need them most. 


An on-demand emergency response service such as AURA provides you with peace of mind. How much better would you feel knowing that help is always minutes away from you and your family – anytime, anywhere? 

As with other industries, on-demand services are now available in the emergency response industry, providing you with improved services and convenience that you have come to expect from the on-demand boom and more–- the safety and you and your loved ones.