Why a value-added emergency response service can help you grow your customer base

by | Feb 17

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The Challenge.

The past 24 months, aptly dubbed “The Covidian Era”, has seen humanity adapt to various changes in how they relate with each other and the environment. The advent of a deadly, mutation-laden virus has reshaped how we execute our hitherto normal routines. Homeschooling, working from home , online shopping, and teleconferencing have taken center stage within our normal routines as we battle with the virus and its devastating effects. 

Many of us have lost loved ones, some have lost their jobs or seen business tidings dwindle; the covid era has also brought to light one dark cloud across various countries in the world, crimes and liberty challenges that they pose to communities.

Crime trends

Research done by the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crimes (UNODC), opine that whereas crime trends differ from country to country, we need to remain cognizant of two factors, Strain and Opportunity theory that trigger criminal activity, and remain vigilant during the pandemic. 

Within the initial months of the pandemic, many governments imposed lockdowns that limited public gatherings and freedom of movement, and as such with limited opportunity to indulge in crimes, there was a general lull on the trends triggered by conventional criminals. The downside however was an increase in cases of domestic violence, fueled in part due to depression linked to economic challenges and substance abuse.

The flipside that we are however beginning to witness is the upsurge in crime due to the strain that the pandemic has caused to global economies; with numerous businesses shut and job losses, desperation is now driving people towards making ends meet via use of criminal channels.

The solution

The United Nations Declaration of Human Rights has enshrined three basic rights that needed for all in the entire world listed as;

  • Right to life
  • Right to liberty
  • Right to the security of a person

The pandemic has definitely shown us that all three basic human rights have been affected at one point in time over the past 24 months.

Digital disruption continuously keeps reshaping the direction of businesses globally. The last couple of years has seen the birth of on-demand platforms that seek to facilitate ease of access to products and services. One such innovation is on-demand platforms that provide emergency security and medical response services.

How can businesses leverage their market stickiness in light of our current status? Most consumers seek to get a value offering that goes above and beyond the call of duty. One of the most critical issues for businesses is how to show that they are not only sympathetic to the plight of their consumer segment (by providing incentives such as discounts and offers) but also to show empathy via value-added services that allow their consumers to feel safeguarded and valued.

By adding a service such as on-demand security and medical response to one’s business platform, it is a sure statement that we do not only value your business but we value your well-being. Being able to support one during an emergency is the surest way of showing empathy and goodwill to the consumer base. The value of saving one’s life during an emergency is definitely worth a lot more than having the repeat business, as it touches on the true mission and vision of an organization. 

At AURA, we partner with businesses to provide them access to our on-demand security and medical response platform, leveraging technology to allow consumers to access this critical service across our global footprint, in line with our mission of creating a safer World for all. 

Please get in touch with us for more information on how we can partner to make your consumers safer!