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About AURA

AURA is the creator of the first truly smart emergency response app that provides businesses and their customers with fast, affordable and 100% reliable private armed and medical response.

Our technology was born out of the critical need for more efficiency within the South African security industry to combat crime faster and more effectively. 

Our smart, disruptive and scalable platform offers customers comprehensive and convenient emergency response while armed and medical response providers get the opportunity to increase their client base.

AURA is driven by a young entrepreneurial founding team with extensive experience within the security and technology spaces.

Our Mission

To make effective security and medical response more accessible and affordable by creating and deploying smart, scalable, disruptive technology.

Our Vision

To create a world where everyone is safe.


How does AURA work?

AURA is a technology platform which enables anyone to access the closest vetted private security & medical response unit to their location, anywhere, anytime, using a connected device.

How can I access AURA?

We’ve partnered with your favourite brands so you can access AURA’s network through connected devices you are already using. Our dedicated partners offer armed response and/or medical emergency support from AURA. 

Select your service provider to get emergency response now.

What happens in an emergency?

1) Press the panic button of one of the AURA connected device.

2) Our smart tech automatically finds the closest response vehicle to your location and dispatches it.

3) Our skilled Control centre phones you to confirm your emergency and get other relevant information.

4) You can track the responding vehicle throughout the request via your device.

5) Response officers reach you and take steps to help you and ensure your safety.

Who will be sent to help me?

We are connected to thousands of reputable response vehicles from top security and medical service providers. The team sent to your location will arrive in clearly marked vehicles and will match the detail shared with you when help is dispatched.

Why do I need AURA?

With on-demand culture growing, you need an easy way to access quick private emergency services if you’re in danger. AURA-powered devices offer the easiest, fastest and most affordable way to get emergency assistance, no matter where you are.


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