6 Ways to protect your home over the Easter weekend

AURA has been experimenting with some of the latest technologies and security installations to help guide you as you keep your home safe during the festive season.

by | Mar 17

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Whether you’re staying home or going on holiday, there’s no doubt that the Easter Weekened comes with its own set of complexities. While you relax and celebrate, you also need to stay vigilant because unfortunately, crime increases during the holidays in South Africa. 

That’s why it’s useful to plan ahead to secure your home during this time. 

We know this process can be challenging and complicated. Security upgrades can feel inconvenient, be costly and is not be the most aesthetically pleasing enhancements you can make to your home. 

We’re here to help! AURA has been experimenting with some of the latest technologies and security installations to help guide you as you keep your home safe during the festive season.


1. Get convenient DIY security cameras 

Vision is an essential part of any home protection toolkit. That said, surveillance solutions like IP cameras can be expensive. This is where smart home entry technology comes to the rescue. 

Smart surveillance systems by companies such as Ring and Wyze are taking the security market by storm. These suppliers offer a diverse range of cameras that can be accessed via apps on your smartphone. The cameras feature motion and person detection, and integrate with several other devices.

Wyze has also just launched an Outdoor range. These battery-powered cameras are built to withstand weather, making them the perfect quick low-cost DIY camera solution.

Don’t want to monitor your camera feeds yourself? Consider services providers such as Myertal, which monitors your property offsite so you don’t have to.

Cost: RR
Source: Geewiz.co.za
Note: Requires Wi-fi

2. Experience the power of smart sensors and lightbulbs

You can enhance your home security further by harnessing the power of Internet of Things (IoT) technology. 

Wyze offers low-cost smart sensors, for instance. These sensors enable you to set up nifty integrations, such as triggering your camera to only record when motion is detected. The company also sells cost-effective IoT motion detectors and tiny contact kits that can be installed wirelessly. Note that you need a Wyze indoor camera to use this system.

You can also link a smart lightbulb to your sensors. These lightbulbs switch on when triggered by input like movement in a room of your home. They can easily be switched on or off via the app. 

If that’s too much for you, you can just use smart bulbs to light up your house like a Christmas tree when you’re not at home. The Random holiday schedule setting is a great way to ward off potential security threats.

Cost: R

3. Choose burglar proofing that doesn’t cage you in

Burglar proofing can make you feel a little locked in, but we’ve had a great experience with SheerGuard. The company offers transparent burglar bars and gates that are unobtrusive. They’re so good looking that it can add to the aesthetic of a room.

And, if you need shuttering, we think they do a great job at that too!

Cost: RRR

4. Remote control your alarm with HYYP

Intrusion detection systems, also known as IDS alarms, are common in South Africa. And while more alarm systems are now being digitised, you can actually turn your old-school alarm keypad into an app-controlled remote monitoring system from the future. 

This is all done by installing a bi-directional communication module onto your home alarm unit. It is possible to DIY this solution if you like to tinker (we do!), but your alarm installer should also be able to install the unit. We sourced ours from the friendly crew at Alarmtec, and it cost us around R1 400.

Once you’re all set up, you can control your alarm from your smartphone. This is very useful if you’re not home, especially if you occasionally have false alarms. Now you’ll always know the state of your alarm and be able to set it easily, whether you’re far away on a beach or just out and about in your neighbourhood.

Cost: R

5. Invest in stylish shutters

Don’t like the look of security gates? You have other options! 

You can get motorised shutters from Somfy, which hide shutters out of sight when they’re open. Motorised shutters are a useful and elegant way to block entrances or strategic entry points to your house, adding an extra layer of protection to your home during the holidays.

American Shutters also offers beautiful security shutters, which go very well with the company’s window shutters and are custom made to fit your home.


6. Stay aware

There is no doubt that being aware, alert and cautious is critical to your personal safety. A key principle to securing your home is to have different layers of security measures, but it’s also important that you don’t let your own guard down during the festive season. 

Secure your home and make good use of your alarm system. You can also install one of our partners’ apps to access AURA, the country’s most extensive security network. 

Cost: Priceless.